Lesson Plan Reflection part 2

As I am finalizing my lesson or unit plan I have come to the conclusion that I am glad to finally be finished with this process. I often found myself completing on section of the lesson and then having an “ah ha” moment and going back to add or change something else. I am beginning to see why this process can be time consuming for teachers because just this mock one ate up a good amount of my homework/study time.

I wish everyone good luck as they finish their lesson plans and await to see what everyone has to offer tomorrow.


One comment

  1. wenzelm · March 17, 2016

    Remember the learning theory that says we learn best by doing. Well, you just did a unit plan for the first time. With reflection, correction, and practice, you will get better with time. The important thing is to keep “doing.” Thanks for all of your contributions this term, Ramon. You impressed me with your insightful comments- best of luck to you in the future.


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