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Unit Plan


Lesson Plan Reflection part 2

As I am finalizing my lesson or unit plan I have come to the conclusion that I am glad to finally be finished with this process. I often found myself completing on section of the lesson and then having an “ah ha” moment and going back to add or change something else. I am beginning to see why this process can be time consuming for teachers because just this mock one ate up a good amount of my homework/study time.

I wish everyone good luck as they finish their lesson plans and await to see what everyone has to offer tomorrow.

Lesson Plan Reflection

Having gone through the K-12 public schooling system I had always heard teachers talking about lesson plans and how much stress they can cause. Being younger and not truly having an idea as to what that meant, I just chalked it up to something teachers just say. Now that I am in college and attempting to become a teacher in my own right I can now put myself in the shoes of my previous teachers and am able to get a glimpse of their struggles. Having done some work on the unit plan already I can safely say that I know why there is an entire course dedicated to just this because just doing this basic unit plan I can already feel some of the struggles my teachers went through. So far the main roadblock is just figuring out where everything fits and how and or why it fits there. Overall this assignment is giving me some insight into what goes into making a lesson plan and gives me an estaminet of the work it takes to finish.