How Could I Use Video or Podcasting In My Class?

I like the idea of using the Live Streaming method in my classroom because I think the possibilities seem to have a wide range. In my classroom I could see the Live Streaming method being used during a science lesson to communicate with a class from another school or even state to compare findings of the project we were working on. I could also see the Live Streaming method working show students what classrooms in other countries look like, kind of like that video we watched about how skype linked students to the minecraft creator.

I can also see the other side of things that say that having all these live videos and podcasts are only going to distract students from the work that they should be doing. Yes I acknowledge that technology can sometimes be a distraction, but I see that as a result of a teacher or instructions lack of preparation. The way I see it is that if technology is being abused by the students its because they haven’t been given the chance to learn how to use media like podcasts or video animation softwares in an academic way.

Overall I would say that by having our students understand how to use these various medias in an academic fashion only benefits us as educators. I say this because we have all heard about how more often than not teachers burnout due to the repetitive nature of their work. By learning to incorporate these different media in our daily lessons we will more often then not encounter new and innovative ways to explain or get subject matter into the minds of our students.


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