Web 2.0

In these changing times we as educators must keep up with the fast pace turnover of technology. Edmodo is a site that allows teachers to establish a connection with not only their students but the parents of their students as well. Edmodo is a web 2.0 application that builds these connections via a social/web based aspect. Edmodo allows teachers to establish a sort of facebook/twitter type connection with students in a way that doesn’t have the stigma of those social sites. I personally think that Edmodo covers many if not all of the standards because the way it is set up, the site allows for teachers to encourage their students to take the initiative and show their creativity by establishing a rapport. There isn’t much to know before using the site other than the idea that it is a site for teachers, parents, and students. It its important to know that the site and pages that are created within the site need to be used for educational reasons. A major positive aspect of this site is that it incorporates the use of technology to teach and educate children, which is important in an era where younger and younger aged children are being exposed to the web and all it has to offer. The site also gives students practice at using technology for academic reasons, and how technology use for academic reasons differs from social reasons. One negative thing I would comment about this site is that it is still set up like a social media site, which can deter some teachers and parents as well. With the social media site outlay parents may feel it not appropriate for their children to be on or use for school purposes. Edmodo can be used for any age groups because the teacher can adjust content based on what grade they are teaching. I personally wouldn’t mind attempting to use Edmodo in my teaching career, which I would be teaching middle school level. Edmodo can be located here at Edmodo Site.


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  1. wenzelm · February 18, 2016

    A lot of teachers use Edmodo as sort of a Moodle/social media hybrid blend suitable for younger students, like your middle level students. Because the teacher (or site administrator) has control over what is posted, concerned parents often find Edmodo as a nice substitute for the openness (and potential abuse) of sites like Facebook. Were you able to determine what NETS-S standards using this site might fulfill? That said, nice find here. However, I would remind you this assignment called for evaluating 3 websites. You may want to go back and add them to your posting.


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