Digital Citizenship (Copyright)

After reading the article Copyright 101 I’m not yet sure if I have new found appreciation for copyright laws, or if a seed of hatred has been planted firmly in my soul. From my understanding of the article the word “copyright” means one protecting one’s original ideas or creations against theft. The four tests used are guidelines that allow students or anyone trying to quote or use academically, another persons work, to give them a check sheet they can follow. The four tests provide a reference of sorts for copyright rules. The media involved matters because each media has a variation on the amount and length something can be used. For instance 10 minutes of a video is not easily calculated into 10 minutes of a poem. Different medias require different regulations because just as what we say and what we write are different from another person, media differs from other forms of media.



  1. wenzelm · February 4, 2016

    Good points here. I like your embedded hyperlink as well to the article.


  2. wenzelm · February 18, 2016

    “seed of hatred planted firmly in my soul…” Wow!


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