True or Not Article

I don’t think that as a society we are at a point in which we can say that we are information literate. I think this because even though we like to skirt the fact that technology and information are not available to all in the same quantity. We can say that there are those who are more informative than others, but to say that all are informed is to generalize.

We can teach our students to have the essential skills to become information literate. I do think that in the general sense of things as a society we are leaning towards having many of our students containing some rudimentary skills towards becoming literate. We are doing this by passing on and instilling various tricks and tools that allow our students progress in the information age.

We can do our best to prepare students to use the medium. We can only give them the proper guidance. As educators we can only use the power we have through our school systems to help our students be prepared to use and possibly master the medium. Despite educators doing all they can to prepare students it is essentially up to the students themselves to decide on if they will take the preparation given to them and continue to build upon it.


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  1. wenzelm · February 4, 2016

    I agree- ultimately it is up to our students to use the skills they learn in school. But, in many cases, I would argue that students are NOT being given the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century due to curricular restraints (can’t teach it- not enough time), lack of professional development for teachers (don’t know how to teach it), dissenting beliefs (don’t want to teach it), or a lack of resources (don’t have the tools to teach it.) Continue to think about where you could add hyperlinks to your posts to make them even better.


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