This chapter was very informative due to the fact that I personally don’t know much about the whole design/presentation process. So this chapter opened my knowledge and gave me a different perspective on how a presentation could be bettered.

I can incorporate this newly found information into my future presentations, for example our up and coming presentation in this class. Also with this information I will be able to plan out which elements best serve my various presentations in order to construct a proper presentation. When I become a teacher I will have more practice at the whole design process thus I will be able to help my students understand and recognize which aspects best fit specific presentation ideas.

After reading this chapter I would have to say that my past presentations have been adequate to say the least. Due to my lack of investment in the design process my past presentations have lacked many of the suitable nuances that this chapter has enlightened me too.


One comment

  1. wenzelm · February 4, 2016

    “Adequate,” huh? Not exactly a ringing self-endorsement of your presentations. Lets see if we can take your presenting skill from “adequate” to “amazing!” Your pecha kucha will give you the opportunity to practice those skills.

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