Introductory Concepts

In recent discussions on technology in education and in the classroom, a controversial issue that has come about is whether having technology in the classroom is a positive or beneficial outcome for the students, Use and Abuse of Tech in the Classroom. On one side of the spectrum there are those who argue that technology in the classroom would help students to engage in coursework because today’s children are born into a world filled with technology, Turning on the Lights. There are also those on the other end of the spectrum who argue that while technology promote learning, the “old fashion” pencil to paper routine works just as well, Power of the Pencil. Each individual view point brings about ideas and concepts that future educators and even society will have to collaborate upon to give a more definitive answer. To sum it up, the issue is not whether technology is good or bad, moreover how and what role can it or should it play in the classrooms of our students.

My own view is that limited and proper technology in the classroom will prove to be a positive outcome for our students, and the technology must be introduced because our society is evolving into a technology based one. I acknowledge the notion that technology does provide a degree of distraction in the classroom, I stay true to my view that technology in schools will be beneficial because in a sense our society calls for the integration of technology. The issue of technology in the classroom is important because technology is ever changing and as our use of technology in society grows it is inevitable that our students will be introduced to technology.


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  1. wenzelm · February 4, 2016

    I like your organization of your posting- you appear to have followed the template closely to craft an introduction to an academic argument This creates a nicely supported academic conversation, where you are engaged with other people’s views and respond with your own. You should follow this format whenever you enter academic discourse- ie. “they say, I say.” When done correctly, the format gives a very well organized, well-supported, and well written argument. Feels good, doesn’t it?

    Your hyperlinks also look very nice, and help to support your ideas. We are a technology-based society, and helping our students to learn the skills to navigate this society becomes a major part of our job descriptions!


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